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Our team is devoted to leveling the playing field for eCommerce growth. We believe that any company deserves world-class tools, whether you’re part of a thousand-person team, or running a part-time business from your garage.

We’re the makers behind much-loved products.

Jilt provides email marketing designed for eCommerce stores. Online sellers are its focus, not an afterthought.

WooCommerce Memberships powers thousands of communities as the most advanced WordPress membership solution.

We sell over 50 premium plugins on WooCommerce.com as the top third-party provider for official extensions.

What’s it like to work at SkyVerge?

We’re a 100% remote company. Remote isn’t this “fad” we tried — it’s in our DNA. We believe in flexible work hours, and working anywhere you have internet access. We measure success in outcomes, not in hours you spend at a desk. Our team cares about work-life balance, growing personally, executing professionally, and never taking ourselves too seriously. As you can see. ????

But who better to tell you about SkyVerge than our team? Here are some excerpts from our quarterly surveys:

I’m super happy to continue working with a company that puts out quality work while showing genuine care for employees and the company culture.

I hold back from sharing too much about work with friends as I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging. Love working with everyone, and enjoy the encouraging atmosphere and the push to always be improving.

Thanks for being a great place to work, for constantly being open to new ideas and suggestions, and for giving me a great and safe place to grow and push myself professionally!

While remote work is amazing, so is in-person time with your co-workers. We take at least one team trip each year to meet face-to-face. Often accompanied by Denny’s and card games. ????

Florida – 2016
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Florida – 2017
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South Lake Tahoe – 2018
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Scotland – 2019
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Our benefits show that we care about team member well-being, too.

????️ 28 days of paid time off
      (+1 company holiday)
????‍⚕️ Full health benefits
???? Co-working & coffee shop allowance

???? 8 weeks paid parental leave
      (+8 unpaid)
???? Excellent retirement plan
????‍♂️ Monthly fitness allowance

???? Company-paid retreats
✈️ Conference allowances
????  Professional development budget
????️  Hardware & software budget

What makes someone a good fit at SkyVerge?
We look for team members who align with our company values.
(???? Read more about our values here.)



True Grit



How do we operate?

Our team is guided by a set of 10 principles that reflect these values.

  • Take ownership. “Not my job” isn’t part of our vocabulary. If you can solve the customer or a teammate’s problem, do it.
  • Pass the newspaper test. If any of your actions were published in the newspaper tomorrow, make sure you’re proud of the way you’ve acted.
  • Always be learning. Be curious, and excited to learn from each other and our customers. Seek continuous iteration and improvement.
  • Think in terms of first principles. Always question assumptions and why we do something the way we do it.
  • Love the customer. Be on the customer’s team and on their side; understand and empathize with their problems, and then optimize for solutions to them. Anticipate their needs and aim to delight.
  • Strong opinions, weakly held. Be committed to a belief, but entirely open to changing your mind in the face of strong evidence to the contrary.
  • Bias towards action. Be willing to act without complete information. Experiment. Use your best judgment and execute, then adjust as necessary later. Disagree and commit.
  • Build genuine relationships. We focus on being open, honest, authentic, empathetic, and helpful. We seek to be engaged deeply in our relationships within and outside of our team.
  • Passionately share knowledge. Be willing to share knowledge and be a mentor to teammates, customers, and partners.
  • Optimize for quality. You can only pick 2: time, quality, cost. For us, the choice is simple — we will always spend more to achieve higher quality and consistent improvement.


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