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While working remotely gives everyone the flexibility to live where they want and work as they choose, it can also be tough to be motivated and self-directed when you’re working in your own space and can sometimes feel like you’re in your own “island,” disconnected from other teammates.
Enter, Zoom! This is our go-to video conferencing platform that we use for all our “face to face” video chats, such as our Weekly Standups, team meetings, and individual 1:1s. You’ll be added to our account with your team email. For standups and meetings, just click on the following link: zoom.skyverge.com which will launch the Zoom application and bring you into the meeting.
This lets us chat, share screens, record meetings if needed, and more — it’s a fantastic tool, and gives us that important face time each week–which goes a long way in helping us all understand each others voices, and the way we communicate via text better.
We value this face time so much, in fact, that if you have to go ‘video off’ mode for any standup (bad internet happens to good people on occasion), team rule is you need to come to the next standup featuring your most ridiculous hat. Ask Julie about this one : )
Common Issue
No tool is perfect, and one issue we’ve seen with Zoom is not recognizing an external display camera. Solution is to run: $ sudo killall VDCAssistant

Google Suite

Docs, Sheets, Mail, Calendar — we rely on the all mighty Google just as much as the next team. You’ll gain access to the entire suite with your team email.

Google Sheets

We primarily rely on Sheets for, well, sheets! Any kind of financial layout, logistics planning (prep for conferences, invitee lists, etc,) and travel documentation can likely be found in a Google Sheet.

Google Docs

We use Google Docs for everything from meeting agendas, pitch docs, brainstorms, notes, etc. 


Google Calendar

See what everyone is up to! All meeting invites are sent through GCal, so keep an eye out for those. Each one will have the Zoom link to join set as the meeting location. You can also sync the Kin calendar to your GCal so you can see who’s on PTO, company events, anniversaries, and birthdays!

Google Drive

We use Google Drive for storing, organizing, and sharing files. Learn more about how we use it here. 


Our company email is run through gmail. We tend not to rely on email for inter-team communication, as things get buried. We favor Slack for day to day communication, and Basecamp for keeping in sync on larger projects.


In the Q1 2019 survey, a common theme emerged from the team around struggles with time management.

Particularly in a fast moving, fully-distributed, small team, it can be incredibly easy to get swamped and not know when to turn off. To address this, several team members have been experimenting with time tracking. We have a team Harvest account, and are more than happy to add anyone who wishes to join in this experiment!
Time tracking is completely optional, and purely for your own edification. For example, Max was kind enough to share a report of his tracked hours over Q4 2018. He then used this to identify areas where he can delegate more, or where we may need to consider additional staffing. #DATA!
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