Team 1:1s

Last modified by Catherine Scallen on August 15th, 2018 at 10:37 pm.

This looks pretty old, ask if it’s still current!

1:1 time is crucial for both professional and personal development. As of August 2018, each team member has a ~30-45 min 1:1 once a week with their direct manager.

We use Lighthouse to manage our 1:1 meetings. These 1:1s are designed to be for the team member–no topic (personal or professional) is off limits. Each team member should create and share an agenda in Lighthouse each week, prior to the meeting. Aim for posting this at least 24 hours in advance so your manager has ample time to review. Managers can take notes to help track progress, set action items, and follow up within Lighthouse.

Our goal for these meetings is to provide timely and actionable feedback on professional performance as needed, offer a space for career mentorship and growth, as well as build trust and develop the relationship with your manager. If you’re not sure where to start for your agenda, this article is a great overview.

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