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This looks pretty old, ask if it’s still current!

What’s life without a little swag? All new team members will receive a swag pack upon successful completion of their trial period with us–a hearty SkyVerge welcome to the team! : )
Some things that might show up in that welcome pack:
  • T-Shirts
    • SkyVerge
    • Jilt
    • Just Config It
  • Stickers (shout out to Sticker Mule for making these happen!)
  • Hoodies
    • Limited edition, Christmas 2014
  • Beer glasses
    • Etched with our logo, sweet!
We’re always playing around with new and creative ideas for swag–DM Catherine with your thoughts! She’s creating an on-going database to track all ideas. Some ideas we’re currently tossing around for the future:
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