Inside Jokes and Shorthand

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We’ve all started a new job and had that awkward ‘say what?’ moment within the first couple of weeks. Things are always a lot funnier when put in context — from Chompy to “just config it” — so we want to give new team members a space to understand the history behind some of our team’s more whimsical sayings.


Simply ‘mae’ in lowercase, meaning “(Good) Morning / Afternoon / Evening”. Since SkyVerge team spans several time zones, some took the habit of greeting others with this shorthand to sound less weird by writing something weirder.


A beloved friend to all, Chompy is an emoji frequently spotted in our #team channel. Popping out for lunch? Chompy. Grabbing dinner? Chompy! Making linner? CHOMPY!

Config it

This is a phrase that Max came up with and would use especially on his family members when they would ask for his help with complex and non-configuration computer-related questions. We found it as hilarious as he did and it quickly became a common refrain in the SkyVerge slack rooms. We even have a “Just Config It” tee shirt.

Example usage:

Justin: every time I load the page the app times out, I think the threaded workers are locking up

Max: did you config it?

Kobe System

We have some custom emoji, namely :kobesystem: and :domination:, around the Kobe System. It’s a funny video series featuring Kobe Bryant and several celebrities / athletes at the top of their game that Justin introduced the team to.

Check out the playlist here.

You’re welcome.

The Aviator

If you haven’t seen it, The Aviator with Leonardo DiCaprio and Cate Blanchett is a fantastic movie. If everyone starts spontaneously repeating, “The way of the future,” or “Come in with the milk,” this is where it comes from.


Max’s favorite phrase — “We’re supposed to launch by Friday.” “Allegedly.”


Ok, so this isn’t an inside joke or shorthand but it’s definitely worth noting. Find yourself in need of some team-recommended music to accompany you on your work day? Head on over to SkyTunes!

Lady Beecher 

The greatest dog to grace this earth, and all other planets too. She resides at Dunskey Estate in Scotland, where we were lucky enough to spend SkyTrip 2019.

Barb the Bear

Are you noticing a trend? We seem to keep finding ourselves in the company of strong female animals on our SkyTrips. It’s great. Barb lived at the Tahoe house where we spent SkyTrip 2018. It is because of Barb (and the twins + Jerry, her cubs) that we have bears prominently featured in our illustrations/marketing. ????

Water Buffalo ????

Did someone just come back from a break? React to them with a ????! Why? Water Buffalo → WB → Welcome Back!

Sock, shoe, sock, shoe ????????

An infamous Question of the Week (“How do you put on your shoes and socks?”) led to the revelation that while most team members follow the order of sock, sock, shoe, shoe–someone (who shall remain anonymous for obvious reasons) puts on their shoes/socks in the order of sock, shoe, sock, shoe. Everyone is still processing this information and you may hear “this is a sock, shoe,  sock, shoe situation” when we simply can’t believe something that we’re hearing.

What is crust? ????

Another infamous Question of the Week (“How do you cut your sandwich?”) led to an existential breakdown for someone on the team (who will also remain anonymous for obvious reasons) who realized they have been defining ‘crust’ wrong their entire lives. You’ll see us asking “what even is crust?” when referring to any potentially existential question now.

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