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When Justin / Max first started SkyVerge, the goal for the company culture was pretty modest: they wanted to build a place they would enjoy working at. This meant allowing for flexible working hours and conditions, open communication, good benefits, and the ability to achieve at high levels while still having fun with teammates and working on interesting problems.

We take pride in building high quality solutions that solve problems for eCommerce merchants in simple, elegant ways — stuff that Just Works™. Regardless of which division or projects you work most with, this unifies our team. We also try not to take ourselves to seriously and enjoy what we’re doing : )

For our customers

We want to build a company they can depend on to run their businesses. That means we need to build high-quality software solutions in a way that’s sustainable for us in the long-term. We can’t be the solution they can depend on if we don’t provide stability over the long term — we need to be around to be an effective partner.

For our team

We want to build a company where everyone feels like they have the tools they need to succeed and perform at a high level, and a company structure that respects and supports them as team members. We want open communication and an internal structure that welcomes diversity of thought and expects high performance.

We’re always striving to better ourselves too–everyone at SkyVerge has two jobs: their role and making our team/company culture better. We believe feedback is the foundation of making our team/company culture better. To that end, particularly when a new team member joins, we’ll ask them to “blue tape everything.” Keeping detailed lists of where things went well and where things could be improved is essential and, in fact, directly responsible for the vast majority of improvements we’ve made to our culture and processes as we continue to grow.

Got an idea for how we can do better? Something else you’d like to see? DM Catherine and we’ll talk about how to make it happen.

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