In-person meetups and retreats

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Small team meetups

We’re very excited to begin hosting small team meetups beginning Q3 2018. Our goal is to bring one small team/department together every quarter for in-person bonding, work, and brainstorming sessions.


Running around like kids at Disney World? Nerding out at the Kennedy Space Center? Enjoying the culinary offerings of America’s finest diner, Denny’s? All this and more, at our annual SkyTrip!

Bringing the whole team together once a year is really important to us. Co-locating for a week allows us to get to know each other better, build cool stuff, and of course, have a whole lot of fun. We’re aiming to have roughly one week-long trip per year, typically in the early spring, with the goal of having everyone on the team meet in an exotic locale to learn, build, and reflect on the year past and the year ahead. We may also plan additional trips (like vacations) or attend conferences as a company or team (e.g. Shopify Unite or WooConf).

Read more in-depth reviews of SkyTrips gone by:

SkyTrip prep begins several months beforehand–you can expect to see a survey come around re: suggestions on locations, etc. Your opinion matters!

For the future, we’re considering hosting a company vacation (once every couple years) that would include team member’s + families. Stay tuned! Better yet, got any thoughts on that? DM Catherine.

Want to learn more about planning retreats for a remote team? Here are a few resources we found to be quite helpful:

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