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There are a lot of acronyms within GoDaddy! Unfortunately we sometimes forget this with new folks, so here are some you’ll see most frequently. There is an acronym glossary here (and here’s a page to search it).

  • MWC: Managed WooCommerce – Our product! Managed WooCommerce is one of the hosting plans available for GoDaddy customers, and our team is often referred to as the MWC team within GoDaddy. We’re building this into more of a SaaS-like experience for Woo merchants.
  • SaaS: Software-as-a-Service (hosted software applications, like Mailchimp or Zapier)
  • SV: SkyVerge! – (The artist formerly known as …) Our company name pre-acquisition. SkyVerge still exists as a brand, and we’re also often still referred to as SkyVerge by others in the organization. You’ll see this prefix on a lot of meetings or documents.
  • MWP: Managed WordPress – Refers to the WordPress hosting offering from GoDaddy. Managed WooCommerce is one of the hosting plans available within MWP.
  • 3LA or TLA: 3-Letter Account – Your test hosting and website account from GoDaddy. The 3LA lets you get a few real testing domains, and you can set up WordPress or other testing sites on them to see what a customer sees.
  • WPEx: WordPress Experience – This team in GoDaddy is responsible for the WordPress content editing experience. They primarily work on Gutenberg blocks and full site editing.
  • WPNUX: WordPress New User Experience – Refers to the new user onboarding for MWP sites. This onboarding wizard helps users select templates and pre-installs helpful plugins (including helpful WooCommerce extensions).
  • WPaaS: WordPress-as-a-service – This refers to the database that stores information about our MWP customers’ websites. We often refer to this database to get information on usage of WooCommerce, e.g., how many folks are selling in the USA.

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