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Last modified by Catherine Scallen on March 17th, 2019 at 05:03 pm.
It was important to Justin and Max from day one of SkyVerge that all our team members feel supported. We firmly believe that people do their best work when they know that they’re genuinely valued and supported by their company, which is why we’re so proud of the benefits we offer. Every full time team member can expect the following:
  • Competitive salary with additional performance incentives.
    • Paid semi-monthly via direct deposit
  • 27 days paid time off + 2 set company holidays
  • Remote work with flexible hours
  • Paid Parental Leave
    • The goal of our parental leave policy is to provide a generous amount of flexible time off for new parents that allows them to focus on their new baby without stressing about work.
    • We provide up to 8 weeks paid time off and 8 weeks unpaid for both new mothers and fathers. Adoption is covered. Read more details here.
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance for all team members and their families
    • For more details on how we offer this to US, Canadian, and international residents, please read here.
    • No waiting period for benefits after full-time hire (post trial period)
  • Retirement plan with company match
  • Corporate Amex card
    • We cover all company-related travel costs for team retreats like SkyTrips and conferences. No per-diem or expense reports required.
  • Hardware Allowance
    • Because everyone needs a retina MacBook Pro 😉
    • As of January 2018, every team member will be eligible for a hardware upgrade every 4 years. New team members will have a conversation with their manager within their first week to determine what (if any) hardware needs exist at that time. For US/CA team members, SkyVerge will purchase any new hardware, and for international team members–you will purchase individually and SkyVerge will reimburse (to account for any VAT taxes.)
  • Software Allowance
    • For any software purchases with a one-time purchase price tag of sub-$100, no approval is needed. Just use your SV amex and forward that receipt along to our receipts address.
    • For any software purchases with a price tag of more than $100, or for any software purchases that will have a recurring charge–you will need to fill out the benefit request form and get approval before purchasing.
  • Professional Development Allowance
    • For buying books or courses to help you learn and improve
    • We keep this benefit intentionally broad as we want to encourage each team member to pursue professional development in a way that makes sense for them.
  • Conference Allowance
    • To pay for ticket, flights, lodging, and incidentals when attending a work-related conference. This can also be used towards a company sponsorship of the conference in certain cases.
  • Co-working allowance
    • Up to $200 USD/month, reimbursable.
  • Home office allowance
    • Up to $750 USD every 3 years. To be used for anything and everything to help make you more productive in your work space.
  • Fitness Allowance
    • $50 USD/month reimbursed to help pay for a gym membership, personal trainer, kickboxing classes, a FitBit, tango lessons. Basically anything that gets you out of the office and exercising is fair game. Our fitness allowance is meant to subsidize on-going classes or training, and can not be accrued to pay for something bigger (i.e not collecting it for 6 months and then buying a rowing machine)
  • Coffee Shop Allowance
    • Every team member can expense up to $150/month for drinks and/or snacks (yes, tea drinkers — this works for you too!) purchased while working out of a coffee shop.
  • Onboarding Welcome Swag Box
    • Filled with lots of goodies–you’ll receive a big warm welcome to the team within your first 2 weeks on board. You’ll get SkyVerge swag for you and yours, a Kindle for keeping on top of your latest professional development reading, and a few other personalized treats 🙂
  • Kindle
    • The Kindle is for your personal and professional use — read what you want! SkyVerge will pay for any professional development related books you download. Just use your Amex, no approval needed, and forward the receipt along to our receipts address. You’ll likely need to make business purchases on the web and download to your Kindle later if using your SkyVerge card.
  • Membership to a Trusted Traveler Program
    • Canadians are eligible for NEXUS, and other staff should look into whether or not they qualify for Global Entry. Just use your Amex when filling out the application! Makes traveling that much smoother : )

How do I request to use one of our benefits? 

Just fill out this request form. This allows us to track benefit usage–so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of how much you’ve used in which category anymore! Just fill out the form and Catherine will be in touch with the appropriate next steps.
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