SkyVerge Divisions

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Our WooCommerce division manages our plugins available for purchase via and free plugins available on (including our WooCommerce-Jilt connector). This includes over 65 unique software products available for purchase from $29 to $199.


Jilt is a cross-platform abandoned cart app maintained by team members across the WooCommerce and ShopStorm divisions. It currently integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

Sell with WP

Sell with WP is an eCommerce magazine site for WordPress featuring news, product reviews, tips, and tutorials. The target audience is DIY eCommerce merchants, shop administrators, and developers or site maintainers.
Site content is free and revenue is driven by advertisements and affiliate revenue for WordPress products such as plugins, themes, and website hosting.


Labs are crazy ideas that need some more thinking and validation before we commit time and money to them. Add ideas here and once they’re half-baked, setup a new wiki page or repository to go further
Top Ideas
Labs Ideas
List potential future acquisitions, either in WooCommerce, Shopify, or other businesses that would be interesting.
  • PirateMetrics – never contacted
  • HuBoard – We contacted the founder, and he asked whether we do VC funding, and then nothing further
  • ForwardHQ – Justin submitted a contact request/support ticket asking if they’d ever consider selling, but never even got a response
  • Torpio – We used it and loved it, shutting down 2015.05.15, Max emailed
  • Telemetry
  • Outcome
  • – I really like this as the name for a suite of distributed employee tools, unfortunately the domain is taken by some freaky deaky dutch company
  • Savvy
Generating Ideas
Validating Ideas