Last modified by Justin Stern on March 23rd, 2020 at 12:10 am.

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You have two jobs at SkyVerge: the first is your role (support, engineering, marketing, silly walks) and the second is improving our culture. We don’t want to just preserve or maintain our current culture, we want to make it better. Passionately sharing your knowledge is one of our guiding principles and our wiki reflects that by sharing company knowledge with the whole team. Every single page in the wiki is editable and most pages are publicly accessible. If you’re reading a page and it doesn’t seem to reflect reality, edit it!

Before you dive in, remember that while clear & simple documentation of how we operate our company is important, we’re intentional about not being overly prescriptive. The wiki doesn’t try to cover every possible situation or question.

When someone makes a mistake the natural response is to create a policy or procedure to make sure the mistake never happens again. But, it’s important to stop and consider whether another policy is really the right solution. There’s a cost to more policies: less flexibility and creativity. So, use your best judgement and as always, document the why (or better, why not) behind a new policy or procedure. Ask your teammates for their feedback and make a good decision.

Remember, the more we try to make things foolproof, the more likely we are to end up all as fools ????.

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